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Release Dates & Platforms:
  • 28/02/2018 - PC

Advice for consumers

This game was rated PEGI 7 for frequent scenes of very mild violence. It is not suitable for persons under 7 years of age.

Brief outline of the game

A chance encounter amid the festivities of Guardia's Millennial Fair in Leene Square introduces our young hero, Crono, to a girl by the name of Marle. Deciding to explore the fair together, the two soon find themselves at an exhibition of the Telepod, the latest invention by Crono's longtime friend Lucca. Marle, fearless and brimming with curiosity, volunteers to assist in a demonstration. An unanticipated malfunction, however, sends her hurtling through a rift in the dimensions. Taking hold of the girl's pendant, Crono bravely follows in pursuit. But the world into which he emerges is the one of four centuries before... Journey to the forgotten past, the distant future, and even to the very End of Time. The epic quest to save a planet's future makes history once again.

Content specific issues

Violence consists of turn based battle scenes between non-detailed human and fantasy characters. Blood and injuries are not shown as damage is indicated through numbers.