The PEGI Administrators


The Netherlands Institute for the Classification of Audiovisual Media is one of the two independent bodies that administrate the system on behalf of PEGI. NICAM’s tasks include checking the PEGI 3 and 7 games against the criteria, training coders, archiving PEGI games, and issuing the PEGI licenses.

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VSC Rating Board

The VSC Rating Board is the statutory body responsible for the age rating of video games in the United Kingdom. As an administrator of the PEGI rating system, they check the games with 12, 16 and 18 ratings against the PEGI criteria. The VSC Rating Board was established as a non-profit body to develop and oversee a Code of Practice designed to promote high standards within the video and computer game industries. The VSC Rating Board membership covers all sectors of the business, and on the retail side, represents more than 2000 retail outlets across the UK.

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