Tips for Parents

PEGI encourages parents to foster an ongoing dialogue with their children about gaming, preferably by playing together. That conversation, especially with younger children, is the perfect starting point to agree on some rules, whether those apply to the amount of time played, a PEGI age limit, online interaction, general behaviour, or in-game spending. This strongly reduces any potential risks and ensures that parents are comfortable with their children having games as a hobby.

PEGI provides advice regarding the age suitability of a game’s content. However, every child is different. Ultimately, parents should decide what their children are capable of viewing or experiencing. In addition to making the most of parental control tools, which allow you to monitor and limit all aspects of your child’s gameplay environment, we encourage parents to;

  • Always look for the PEGI age classification on the game package or in the digital store.
  • Read or watch a summary or a review of the game. Ideally, play the game yourself...
  • ...or play video games with your children, it's the best way to learn what your children love about them. Watch over your kids when they play and invite them to talk about the games they play. Explain why certain games may not (yet) be appropriate.
  • Agree on the amount of time that can be spent playing games per day and per week.
  • Set limits (age, time, spending, online access) by using parental control tools.
  • Encourage your children to take regular breaks.
  • Be aware that games can enable the purchase of additional downloadable content.
  • Online games are played in virtual communities allowing players to interact with unknown fellow players. Tell your children not to give out personal details.
  • Remind your children to report inappropriate behaviour such as bullying, threatening or bad language, the display of unwanted content, or invitations to meet outside the game.
  • Report inappropriate behaviour using the specific complaint mechanisms in games, game platforms or the games’ websites.
  • Tell your children that they should not meet other players unless accompanied by you.