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Yakuza 0

SEGA Europe Ltd
Release Dates & Platforms:
  • 01/01/2017 - PlayStation 4
  • 01/08/2018 - PC
  • 31/12/2019 - Xbox One

Advice for consumers

This game was rated 18 for strong graphic violence and strong bad language. Suitable for adults only.

Brief outline of the game

Action role playing game set in Japan. You play a member of the Japanese mafia that must leave the Yakuza to prove his innocence and get revenge upon those who framed him.

Content specific issues

Cinematic sequences show more intense bloody violence which includes the following: A man graphically attacked with a crowbar, blood sprays from his chest as it is pulled out. A man realistically shot in the hand causing a moderate amount of blood, he clutches it and falls to the floor. A man interrogated and tied to a chair, he is eventually hit in the face realistically with a sledgehammer. In addition to this the game also contains sexual threat which occurs in a nightclub where a man gropes a woman's breast inside her dress. It is obvious that she wants him to stop, she struggles but is restrained by him. The game also contains use of the word 'fuck'.

Other issues

The player can enter a fight club where you can view the female "fighters" who are revolving in various suggestive sexual positions whilst barely clothed. They then fight fairly realistically as the camera pans around them. The player can also enter an adult store where you can watch videos. Videos appear to be of women in swimwear touching themselves but not their genitalia. Also in the adult stores you can call women. Whilst on the phone, selecting the right phrases to say will enable you to see a woman in her underwear from various close up camera angles. The game also contains blackjack in a casino with instruction from the dealer.