The PEGI App

The PEGI app allows parents and gamers to easily search for video game and app rating information and read up on parental controls for all devices at home or on the move.

With this app the user is able to:app

• Search through the PEGI database for up-to-date video game and app rating classifications.

• Filter results by age rating, genre and platform to find your perfect game.

• Read through detailed instructions on how to set up parental controls on a range of devices.

• Tips for families about playing video games together.  

• Read detailed descriptions on what the age ratings and the content descriptors mean.

The app is now available in 9 languages: English, French, Polish, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Swedish. 

The tool has been developed by the Video Standards Council, one of the two administrators of the PEGI system. It includes information and access to local consumer websites where parents and players can find information about age ratings and parental control tools, and advice on how to play games safely and responsibly.

The local consumer websites are:

UK: Askaboutgames

FR: Pédagojeux

SP: TheGoodGamer

PT: #Smartgaming 

SE: Fraga, Prata, Spela

BE: JouezMalin/Speelhetslim

NL: Rule The Game

PL: Zapyta O Gry

You can find the app available for download here:

Google Play
Apple Store